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What We’re Thankful for About the Tri-Cities

Nov 23, 2021 | Advice, Home Buying, Tri-Cities

Thirty-one million people move each year, which means that people are constantly looking for a place to buy or sell their homes. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

We understand you’re looking to settle in the Tri-Cities, WA and wonder why anyone should be thankful for the Tri-Cities and live here? There’s no need to worry; we’ve created a list of tri-city benefits that will help you understand why it’s the best place to live.

Great Outdoor Views

If you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do, you’re going to love the views that the tri-cities has to offer. Not only are the sunsets in the area breathtaking you’re not going to want to miss out on the hundreds of outdoor activities for you and your family, including:

The options are truly endless, but to ensure you don’t get lost while you’re on a new adventure each day, you should keep one of the tri-city guides with you. This way you always know you’re never too far from home.

Everything is Close

Have you ever lived in a place and everything you wanted to do was far away? You don’t have to worry about that when you’re living in a tri-city because everything you want to do is a short drive away.

Want to go shopping at Columbia Center? It’s right there. Want to grab a bite to eat at a place like Stacks Mobile Bistro? It’s right there. Nothing you need is more than 15 minutes away. And, with two Targets and another Costco coming in soon, we’re kind of a big deal!

No matter what you want to do, everything is located close to your home, and you don’t have to spend unnecessary time traveling a long distance to get there, or stagnating in traffic.

Schools Selection

Another one of the many tri-city benefits is the school selection offered in the area. If you’ve got school-aged children, one thing you’re not going to want to miss out on is the schools the area has to offer.

They are constantly updating and expanding to ensure that the needs of the students and parents are met each school year. From public to private school, there is something to meet all of your child’s educational needs.

The main goal of each academic institution in the tri-cities area is to ensure that every child is equipped with the knowledge they need to progress to the next step in their educational journey. If you’re not sure which school will work for you, we recommend taking a tour of each before making your final decision.

But, keep in mind depending on where you purchase your home, there will be zoning rules that help determine which school your children will attend.

Thankful for the Tri-Cities

You read that right; we’re thankful for the tri-cities, and you will be too once you find the home of your dreams. The benefits of living here are endless, from being close to everything and the school selection, to great views and rivers. At the confluence of the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia Rivers in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington, the cities of Kennewick-Richland-Pasco border one another, making the Tri-Cities seem like one uninterrupted mid-sized city.

Are you ready to find the next place you’re going to call home? If so, contact Kelly Monteblanco and let me help you see exactly why we’re so thankful for the Tri-Cities, WA.


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