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Optimal Work From Home Floor Plans Ideas

Nov 9, 2021 | Advice, Tri-Cities

More and more employees have begun setting up shop in their own homes. Whether they’re freelancers or part of a big team, the work-from-home lifestyle has substantially grown over the past year.

Our workspace can have a significant impact on our work performance. However, it can be tricky for those who are used to shared office spaces to design their workspace.

If you’re making the transition to remote work, you might be searching for the perfect work-from-home floor plans. But are there ideas out there for every home?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below for a few of our favorite home office floor plan guides!

Compact Home Office Floor Plan Ideas

If your office space at home is small, you have to get creative when arranging furniture. One of the best ways to feel less confined is by using a standing desk. By using a standing desk, you’ll eliminate the need for a chair and create the illusion of more room.

It also gives you more room underneath your desk for storage units or containers. Smaller plans are best executed with a bit of greenery added in a corner or two to keep the energy high.

Make sure your desk isn’t facing the wall, however. Instead, it’s best to push it out slightly from the wall and arrange it so that you face the door. This will prevent you from feeling bored and uninspired.

Sun-Filled Home Office Design Plans

Operating out of a work-from-home office can be seriously challenging for some people. Many of those people relied on the external stimuli of a communal office to help them be productive.

If you’re searching for that extra motivation, it’s important to construct your home office in a room with windows. In fact, you’ll want to set up your desk right in front of the window.

Working in front of a window will give you some of that extra Vitamin D you’re missing out on when you’re commuting to and from work. Sunlight is also just a serious mood booster and can help you get your work done efficiently. Plus, you’ll have a view to draw inspiration from—whether that’s a waterfront, a bustling city, or a lush backyard.

Cozy Home Office Layouts

If you plan on having clients stop by your home to chat in your office space, you’ll want to build a home office layout that’s cozy and inviting. This is one of the best work-from-home floor plans for small business owners and larger collaborators alike.

This is most easily accomplished by making a clear distinction between your actual workspace and your professional congregation space. Within your office, you’ll want to position your desk so that it’s facing the door. From here, you’ll best be able to see anyone coming and going.

Avoid positioning any guest seating on the opposite side of your desk. You don’t want your clients to feel as though they’ve been called to the principal’s office, after all.

Instead, position a few armchairs or a couch and armchair combo some feet away from your desk. The seats should be facing each other to encourage group conversation in a comfortable atmosphere.

Amazing Work-From-Home Floor Plans

The best work-from-home floor plans inspire productivity and success. With the ideas above, you can create your own fantastic workspace at home!

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